Durable Copy is a new program that lets you copy files containing unreadable sectors.

DurableCopy Here are two examples to give a clear idea of what Durable Copy can do for you. 1. If you have a CD or DVD containing an interesting movie, it may be the case that the disk contains unreadable sectors, and problems are encountered when trying to watch the movie. Your computer may either read the disk incorrectly or only partially due to the presence of some bad sectors. At the time when broken sectors approach, the screen becomes unsteady. Thus the pleasure of watching the movie starts to disappear. To solve the problem, people often attempt to copy the movie to their computer hard disk in order to watch the movie from there. However, it is usually discovered that files somewhere on the disk are not read totally. In this case, Durable Copy can be extremely useful.

2. The second example of a situation where Durable Copy is an essential tool is if you have to backup copies of your important text files but a certain part of the archives are unfortunately unreadable. This is especially the case if all programs that usually work with broken files refuse to work with backup copies because the files are physically damaged. Durable Copy can help because it is designed to read physically damaged files precisely.

KutinSoft was using a prototype of this program for several years to find out about the functionality involved with similar programs. The stage has now been reached where the program is a complete success; an improvement on the original idea that is much handier for end users.

Testing the program can be achieved very simply. In the Explorer’s window, just right-click the mouse button on those files or folders to copy and drag them to the target folder, and then drop the button. In the context menu an extra item will appear «Copy with DurableCopy (can catch bad sectors)». Select this option and Durable Copy will start copying files. When Durable Copy reaches the broken sector, it will let them pass. The program returns to the broken sectors after reading all other sectors. It will try reading various sectors by turns until you click the button «Don’t read this file». As a result, you will have the maximum possible information read in optimum time.

And this is not the end of the capability of Durable Copy. If you have a duplicate of the original file and it also contains broken sectors in another place, it’s usually necessary to repeat the copying procedure over a file that has already been copied. The program can offer the option to only replace broken sectors on the copy instead of replacing the whole file. Thus, you will receive one full valued copy in place of two broken copies.

Durable Copy has been tested both for smooth operation and integrity of the copies achieved with the aid of standard files.

We wish you good luck! Try Durable Copy to provide a solution for broken data.


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