The «Durable Copy» provides the solution for data rescue

The idea for Durable Copy began in 2001 when the software´s independent developer, Alexander Kutin, was working on a prototype of the program Skip Copy. The idea derived from the necessity to extract important data from a disk that contained physical damages (ie it had been scratched). As a result of a lengthy process of design and testing, the developer created the program Durable Copy, which is designed to help extract problematic data.

Durable Copy is a program that belongs to the group of shareware programs for working with files and disks. Shareware programs allow free use of the given program for 30 days (trial period). On expiry of this period the program needs to be purchased. If this does not occur, the program only works with restricted functionality.

The program works on the principle of skipping those places that have not been read by a computer. It also works on the principle of replacing unreadable sectors with readable sectors from another disk or file. This program does not restore the data between sectors, but passes bad sectors.

Durable Copy is designed for all people who work on a computer and make reserve (archive) copies of their data (ie text files, multimedia files, and binary archives). The program is essential for those with many CDs and DVDs movies in their collection. It´s also ideal for those who often work with video files or record data to disks. Durable Copy is used by various professions including server administrators, financial experts, journalists, archivists, and other users with missing data. Why some disks can not to be read by a computer? Because the recommended period of using a disk is about two years, some disks often become unreadable by a computer and other equipment. In addition, some disks are badly manufactured with physical damages (because of sun rays or scratches). Durable Copy is able to solve all these problems.

The program is extremely easy to use and completely automated with high work-rates. One unique feature is the ability to ‘collect’ a good file from two files that are unable to work. To achieve this, it is necessary to have two copies of a movie, for example. The program will copy them over each other and make a single integrated copy of this movie. If backed up with standard copies, data integrity can be achieved. In addition, the program works effectively in WiFi networks and all other networks. When there is unstable connection between computers, the normal copying method is not usually suitable because there is no way to restore the copying process after an error. However, Durable Copy allows copying of data despite an unstable connection.

The author has been using and testing this program for several years, and it has assisted in saving data on many occasions.

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