What’s the News?

Version 3.7

+ Copy process and the user interface drawing have a fewer synchronization points. It helps to copy files faster
+ File copy wizard network scan procedure working in the separate thread now. It prevents user interface freezing when network scan occuring
+ File copy wizard have option of connecting to remote computer by entering it’s name
+ Full space for file is allocating before actual file copy starting. It is preventing disk space framentation and + Program start time is reduced
copying only part of file on low space conditions
— Improvements and fixes from skins library third party developer
— Minor errors were fixed

Version 3.6.4

-«Root folder is changed to Desktop folder when view style of File Manager windows is changed» error fixed

Version 3.6.3

-«Copy process freezed when option to skip many files is selected» error fixed
-«File list is not refreshing when view style of File Manager windows is changed» error fixed
-Improvements and fixes from skins library third party developer

Version 3.6.2

+ Smart files copy acceleration algorithm was improved

Version 3.6.1

— Shell Explore Context menu error was fixed

Version 3.6

+ Addition of «Read files before» and «asynchronious read» algorithms.

Version 3.5

+ Manual control of file copy speed.

Version 3.4

+ Options added to control program behavior when file copying on a network.
+ Option to directly repeat a copy of uncopied files by a clicking in the report window.
+ The program now shows the estimated time of the copying process.
+ The program now indicates a newer file when overwriting files.
+ Using «Copy Files Wizard» it is now possible to create a configured file that calls the program from the command line.
+ The «Copy Files Wizard» interface has extra options that allow more effective use of the screen work area.
+ Addition of hot keys for built-in navigator management of files/folders.
+ The navigator address line maintains autocomplete for paths.
+ The address line can now be used to start programs.
+ Copy process states are now indicated by the tray icon.
— The Windows Explorer context menu has been fixed (the menu element was incorrect size).

Version 3.3

+ Minimize function adde to tray function (a correction from the skins library provider).

Version 3.2

+ Solution found for dropping error on «read only» and «system» file attributes before wipe file operation.
+ A user can now check the reason for file deletion denial and try to wipe again. Previously, if the program was unable to wipe one file, then the entire wiping process continued.
— Errors fixed.

Version 3.1

+ Drag and drop files support added from Windows Explorer into file navigator.

Version 3.0

+ Copy Files Wizard added.
+ Wipe private files function added.
+ Integration with KutinSoft Common Users Folder. This helps Durable Copy to work correctly both under a few user accounts and User Account Control of Windows Vista.
+ Durable Copy interface transformed into «Multiple Documents Interface».
+ Files and folders navigator now works faster.
+ It is now easer to simulataneously keep several navigator windows open.
— Errors fixed.

Version 2.0

+ For an easer user experience the program is now available in the two versions: «with Setup» and «Portable». + Smart integration with the Windows «Favorites» folder.
+ Redesign for damaged files recovery Window.

Version 1.8

+ Automatic update feature added.
+ Update for user interface of the dual pane files navigator.

+ Reported errors fixed.

Version 1.7

+ Durable Copy’s navigation window has been improved.

Version 1.6.1 — 1.6.5

+ Minor errors were found and fixed.

Version 1.6

+ Durable Copy now automatically stops after reading all data from bad sectors.
+ The application now works better with multiple windows.
+ The application now works faster when writing files to the local hard drive.

Version 1.5

+ Durable Copy now automatically recovers the file copying process after temporal failure of an unstable connection. This function is implemented both for copying files to the local computer, and for copying files to a remote computer.
+ Files can now be copied and moved.
+ Options added to control application behaviour.

Version 1.4

+ Option added to replace a file copied only if it is newer than the target location file.
+ Application interface is improved.
+ «First Steps» wizard has been added.

Version 1.3.1

+ Update to main program form.
+ Bad sectors information form has been updated.

Version 1.3

+ Help has been added.
+ Option added for cyclic repeating of opening function for files that can not be opened. This is convenient for copying files using an unstable wireless network.

Version 1.2

+ Support for Russian language added.
+ Support for Limited User Accounts added.
+ Support added for multi-user routine of Windows working.


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