Durable Copy: key features

  • It reads most data from files containing bad sectors
  • It merges identical files damaged in different places and produces one complete good file
  • It recovers the reading process after source media is temporarily unavailable, and then available again
  • It recovers the writing process when a destination point becomes temporarily unavailable. This helps to safely copy files through unstable connections (ie wireless networks, VPN networks)..

Durable Copy has extended functionality and so is useful for everyday use. The program is supplied with functions for working with files in general. For example, it has such functions including irretrievable files removal, and a handy navigator that supports «Favorites» in Windows.


The “Durable Copy” is a program which belongs to a shareware programs group for working with files and disks. Shareware programs allow free using of the given program for 30 days (trial period). On the expiry of this period the program will have been bought. In case this does not occur, the program will be working with restriction of its functionality.

The “Durable Copy” works on the principle of passing those places which have not been read by a computer. Also, it works on the principle of replacing these unreadable sectors with readable sectors from another disk or file. This program does not restore the data between sectors, but passes bad sectors.

To whom this application may need? The “Durable Copy” is need for all people who work at a computer and make reserve (archive) copies of their data, for example, text files, multimedia files, and binary archives). You will need the “Durable Copy” if you have many CD’s and DVD’s with movies, or you often work with video files or record data to disks. The “Durable Copy” is used by people of various professions, for example, server administrators, financial experts, journalists, archivists, and other users which know what missing data is. Why some disks can not to be read by a computer? Because the period of using a disk is about two years. Additionally, a disk can be initially poor-quality or to has some physical damages (because of sun rays or scratches). All these problems can solve the “Durable Copy”.

It is easy to use this program. In practice, it is totally automated. It has high speed of working. The unique feature is its ability to ‘collect’ one good file from two files unable to work. To do it you need to have two copies of a movie, for example. The program will put them on each other and can make a single integrated copy of this movie. It was backed up with standard copies the integrity of the data which had been received by this way. Besides, the program is effectively working in WiFi network and in networks, in general. When there is unsteady contact between computers, then usual copy means do not suitable, because they do not allow restoring the copying process after an error. But the “Durable Copy” allows copying the data despite the unstable connection.

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